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Yoni Steams (Vaginal Steam)

yoni steaming

Sessions and Prices:

Please consult with your Yoni steam Facilitator to see which best fits your situation.

Mild Yoni Sessions 20 mins) - $40

Yoni Steam Session & Custom (30 mins) - $50

Yoni Steam Session& Custom (40 mins) - $60

Yoni Steam Session & Custom (60 mins) - $75

yoni box

Yoni steams have been around for centuries, used in mostly indigenous cultures to help the body form a healing environment for the womb and organs. Yoni steam describes the woman's reproductive system in its entirety and also means "Vagina womb and Origin of Life".


But don't let that definition steer men away. Men can do this too!

These steams can be done for a variety of different reasons that help with a multitude of aliments.

When a Yoni Steam May Help:

Painful or Irregular periods

Fertility or Infertility

Uterine Fibroids & Adhesions


Labor Preparation after 37 weeks

Perineal tears after birth

Postpartum period

Bladder and yeast infections

Vaginal or ovarian cysts

Hemorrhoids or scaring from cesareans, Hysterectomies and laparoscopies.

After a steam your body may dislodge or cleanse anything that may be hindering your bodies harmonious rhythm. Usually, these treatments are done 2-3 times a month or sometimes more frequent depending on your specific issues. We do encourage that you read the following times in which not to do vaginal steaming:

Do Not partake in vaginal steaming when:

Any type of Active infection or fever

When menstruating

Those who have active or open sores, or while blisters are present

Those trying to conceive, after ovulation date

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