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Upcoming Classes

Bereavement Support 

Enduring loss can be very difficult, Especially by yourself. It is important to know that you have support in your community to help get you through this time.


In birth you may be going through emotions that may be extremely hard to deal with that others around you may not have endured. 


Getting to the root of grief and being able to openly talk about your feelings with someone who has the understanding of loosing a loved one during birth is the reason why we created this group.


Infant Massage Class

Private Classes and Group Classes Available!

Learning Infant Massage will provide you with the skills and confidence to help your baby relax and sleep better! This hands on class is a fun and inviting environment for all babies from birth to one year. This is a flexible class that flows and adapts as the babies may need to eat, rest, and cry! They will also love the one on one interaction and relaxing massage you will learn to give them! 


This course covers many details such as how to determine the best time to massage your baby, the many benefits of massage, the different massage strokes & techniques, and more.


Class is designed for newborns to pre-walkers (1 week - 10months )

Breastfeeding Basics 


Having trouble breastfeeding or needing some reassurance? Come join us in our Breastfeeding Basics.


Going over common situations that may be causing pains and discomforts can be the one thing to help reassure you that you will prosper in your breastfeeding journey. 

Newborn Basics

Infertility Support Group

Fertility Support Group

This class is designed for new parents or a refresher course in teaching the basics of newborn care. In this class we will go over umbilical care, what to expect in the first 6 months, diaper care, rashes, and so much more!

This support group is designed to support the community in reproduction and conception when it doesn't go as planned. Having a  support group to be open to discuss these uncertain times can be the breath needed to make it through another trying month.

Private Support and Group Support Available!

No one can know the ins and out of fertility, and everyone's journey is different. Lets talk about different ways to get to your dream by talking about charting, tracking temperatures', or fertility treatments. 

Don't forget to take advantage of our Private classes we offer!
Private Infant Massage and Massage Techniques for Laboring Partners!

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