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"Induction" & Labor Massage

Helping You Relax During any Point In Your Pregnancy.

Induction Massage
Induction Masage
"Induction Massage"
Providing a relaxing massage while using reflexology and acupressure to help the body start progressing on its own after 38 weeks of pregnancy and before labor.
What is a Labor Massage?
A Labor Massage is a massage performed on a mother that is in the midst of the process of birthing her baby. We provide massages at any hospital in the Sacramento area or where ever the mother may be at the time of labor. 
When To Call
We help relax a laboring mother at any point in her labor. Whether you need to be relaxed so you can sleep in your beginning stages or if you need more of an intervention to take the edge off in the later portions. You can call us at any point and we will come to your location.
Labor can be difficult and with every birth comes stress and pain. Massage is amazing and may ease pain and reduce anxiety in the first stage of labor or in the stages of labor where rest is needed. Massage may also help you to cope with your contractions by making them feel less intense and more manageable, especially if the mother and family are wanting to lessen intervention with their birth process.
Price Options
Price would vary upon the length of massage you would like while you are in labor. We range from anything to 30 -90min massages. Which also includes a traveling fee of $20. 
One Hour Massage= $95
75 min Massage= 105
90 Min Massage= 125
To access this service you can call us at any time and leave a message and we will call you back within the hour for details about your location and your needs for this service. Even if you cant call please take advantage of our message box and we will promptly get back to you.
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