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Doula Services for IVF Treatments

ivf process

There are times in a families lives where they conceive really easily and have little to no problems in pregnancy. Although there is a rise in the number of women that may need help such as fertility treatments such as IVF.

During these visits with a fertility specialists and doctors they will help identify any issues that may be keeping you you from conceiving and addressing with medical interventions if needed.


 Hiring a doula during this time gives you the opportunity to have that extra support and resources outside the medical staff and also the constant face that gives you both little tips and encouragement along the way.

This sometime is a tough road for families to endure, but as your Doula we are here to walk with you, so that you are not walking alone.

This service is $1,000 including Deposit


Services Include:

2 Fertility Massages though a Ovulation Cycle

Education on tracking ovulation

Referrals toward healthy fertility

Support throughout your ovulation cycles and implantation

After Implantation:

Support through the trimesters with education and resources

Support through your first doctors visit if needed.

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