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Fertility Doula and Advocacy

Fertility Doula and Consulting

I know what you are thinking,


Is a fertility Doula really a thing?, What does a fertility doula do


A fertility doula is a trained professional who provides support during preconception, to individuals and their partners as they flow through their path into parenthood. Just as a birth and labor doula brings non-medical, non-judgmental informational, emotional, and physical support during pregnancy. As a fertility doula we help bring the same concept that transcends into guidance through preconception, fertility and infertility.

For those couples who have been trying to conceive for months or more, a fertility doula can be a lifesaver that can help with your timeline, help you navigate options for medication and reproductive assistance or even something as easy as using a different OPK kit.

Your fertility doula is nonjudgmental and always in your corner, your goal is our goal - meaning you can feel free to express your concerns and wishes with us without judgement. Navigating different options for infertility treatment can be overwhelming, as can finding supportive practitioners you can trust. Your doula is with you every step of the way, helping you evaluate your options and tune into your intuition as you make these choices which are so important to you and your partner.

As a trained Fertility Advocate, I bring the most tools and evidence based education to support my clients in their journey. These tools include:

A detailed look into your cycle pattern

Learning your body cues and signs of ovulation

New OPK tracking opportunities

Natural ways to get your body ready for fertility

Mindful meditation and relaxation

Navigation through LGBTQIA  related issues


So, when should you hire a fertility doula?

When you first consider trying to conceive or intend to start your journey in the coming months, your fertility doula provides you the insight and the support you need to feel confident planning for this journey.

When you feel frustrated after a few months of trying to conceive and want some holistic tools, your fertility doula equips you with an evidence-based understanding of fertility and fertility tracking education to support this stage of your journey.

When you begin to investigate infertility options, your fertility doula provides the informational and emotional support you need to fully explore your options with no judgment.

When you are navigating fertility treatments, your fertility doula support includes a mind/body approach to complement and support these treatments.

When you are experiencing loss or conception after loss, your fertility doula provides wholehearted support and connection to resources - and most importantly, makes sure you don't feel alone in this experience.

When you move through early pregnancy after loss or infertility, your fertility doula offers continuity of support, walking with you in these challenging and exciting days and weeks of early pregnancy.

No matter where you are on your path to grow your family, your fertility doula will meet you there with empathy and understanding.

Prices on Fertility Doula Services:

Option #1: Monthly Services and flexible $400 (with weekly check-ins)

Option #2: 3 Month services $1100

(with weekly check-ins)

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