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Belly Binding

Benefits of Belly Binding:
Speeds up the contraction​ process of womb and cleansing
of clots
Speeds up process of getting uterus back to normal size
Relieves muscular and tendon tensions and re-energizes body
Relieves water retention
Accelerates fat burning
Keeps skin healthy
Relaxes body health and fitness
Improves circulation
When to Bind:
During Pregnancy
After pregnancy or Pregnancy Loss
Back Pain or Bulging Discs
Bengkung Binding is a binding method that supports physical changes the vertical abdominal muscles and organs go through during pregnancy and after birth. With this binding we support those muscles and organs as well as provide a warm environment in which healing is more rapid. Like being wrapped in the warm arms of your sisters, binding provides the support tired muscles require
Wrapping they belly is an effective and important part of mom’s recovery. It supports the abdominal muscles, improves posture and supports the torso while helping vital organs to return their pregnancy size and position and supports the back
This wrap can be taken off as needed for daily activities and living.  Usually this wrap is worn around six to ten hours a day for effectiveness. 
womb healing
belly binding
Belly Binding
Includes abdominal massage with firming paste/Essential oils
Instruction on how to bind 
Fabric included in your service to take home
Fabric is not provided during this service
Preparation of Belly Paste
With a mixture of herbs, we prepare a paste to warm the abdominal muscles to help tighten and contract the area.
belly binding
Get Your Own Belly Binding Kit!!
A Binding Kit can be made for your personal belly binding experience.
Sacred herbal Remedy Bathing kit
Firming Paste
Binding Fabric
Rebozo for Closing Ceremony
Re-Wrapping= $45
One Time Binding= $130
3 Day Package= $200
5 Day Package= $350
Belly Binding Kit= $260 Shipping not included
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