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Massage Treatments

abdomen massage
pregnancy massage
Integrative Bodywork
Fertility Massage ​(60-90Min)-$95-$125

Ear Candling (30-60Mins)- $55

60 min - $105

75 min - $125

90 min - $155

Baby and Me Massage - $160

Energywork- $80

Cupping Therapy (30-90mins)- $45-$105

Infant, Pediatric and Newborn Massage (30 - 60 Mins)- $30 -55

Oncology Massage (60-90Min)- $75-$95


Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Massage
Labor Massage (60-90 Min) $105- $155
Pregnancy Massage (60- 90 Min)-$105- $155
Post Pregnancy (60- 90 Min) -$105- $155
face massage
Express Massages

​20 min- $35
30 min - $45

45 min - $55​

Facial Massage and Treatment - $55


​Includes customized Reflexology, and Sinus Care treatments.​ Each Session is customized for your specific needs.


Medical Massages


Depending on the amount that your Insurance Company is covering, we range from 30 mins to 90 mins in massages focusing on relieving the areas in concern. 


hot stone massage

Signature Treatments

Sinus Drainage(20-60Min) - $35- $75

Hot Stone Massage (60-90Min) - $95- $125

Raindrop Therapy (60-90Min) - $95- $120

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (60-90Min) -$75- $95

Powder Massage​ (60-75Min) - $85- $95

Yoni Steam (Vaginal Steam) - $20- $85

With our specialty treatments that we provide we want you to enjoy different styles of techniques, massage and body treatments that are not provided anywhere else.


in home massages
​In Home Massages
Infant Massage (30Min-60 Min)-$60-$90
30 min - $55
60 min -$135
75 min - $155
90 min - $185
Travel Fee may vary depending on location. $40 per 50 mile range.
Pregnancy and Postpartum Massages available
(In hospital while in labor or at home)

Enjoy a customized spa treatment at the convenience of your own home.

body scrubs
Body Treatments and Body Scrubs
Hand to Toe Treatment -$75
Lavender Body Treatment -$85
Softening Sugar Scrub -$95
Body Scrub and Body Polish Treatment -$95
Get Rejuvenated!!: Scrub, Toner, Polish -$215


senior massages
Elder Massages
45 Min Senior Massage - $45
60 Min Senior Massage - $55
75 Min Senior Massage -$65

In Home Senior Massages:

45 min - $45

60 min - $55

75 min - $65


Elders 70+

This massage focuses on the bringing about increased mobility, circulation of blood and lymph, reducing arthritic pain all with a soothing touch. Sessions can be as short as 30min and up to 75min in length.

Serene Relaxation's Policy:


-Rescheduled Appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged a $30 Fee. If an appointment is canceled you will receive service credit of the amount paid. If a payment has been made with your appointment you will reschedule your appointment and use your service credit on your account. We will not be responsible for any chargebacks due to canceled appointments.

-No Shows will be responsible and charged with the full price of your massage you have missed.

-Late Arrival may result in a shortened session to accommodate appointments following yours.

Covid 19 We do require masks to be worn in this Facility. By coming in you are stating that you are healthy without any signs and symptoms of the Covid 19 or Delta virus. Once you have suspected any symptoms of the virus, we require a negative Covid test to resume services with us from the day you have notified us of your exposure. If you have had a fever within the last two weeks your appointment will be rescheduled.

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