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Meet The Team

Kaelyn B.Crenshaw


My name is Kaelyn Crenshaw.

In my journeys to becoming what I am today, I am always amazed in what the human body can do to its best abilities. I believe that being equipped with the right information in the right time the human body and mind can accomplish all things. Through helping others with Massage, Birth and Life after I strive to help clients in every aspect of their lives. You are born with a gift why not run with it and make it your passion in life.


  • Massage Certification, 2010

  • Infant Massage Educator, 2014

  • DONA International, Doula Training, 2014

  • Stillbirthday Doula, 2014

  • Breastfeeding Educator, Birth Arts Institute, 2016

  • Certified Fertility Massage Therapist, 2017

  • Vaginal Steam Facilitator, 2018

  • Energy work and Psychic Readings, 2018

  • Placenta Encapsulation, 2020

  • Lactation Education Resources, 2014- 2021


Ashley Crenshaw

Ashley is by far a Awesome Multifaceted person, and we are so happy that we can have her here at Serene Relaxation. She specializes in the field of child development and infant care and also has two beautiful daughters who have been a great inspiration. 


"Here working with Kaelyn has been a great treasure! We share the same values at providing our customers with the up-most respect and are happy to get to be able to help you better your lives with our services."

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