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Belly only cast
Belly and Torso Cast
Belly Cast
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Belly Casting

Providing lasting memories. Plastered to last a lifetime.


What Is Belly Casting?

A pregnancy belly cast is a plaster cast made of an mom’s pregnant form capturing her exact shape (A snapshot in time). What is unique about belly casts are that they give you a tangible 3D sculpture. Belly casts enable a mom to forever remember how she looked during her pregnancy and the special nine months she shared with her growing baby.  Also for your child to see what you looked like when they were inside you. We will get to know you a little bit before we start the process to get a feel on how you would like your cast designed to fit you and your baby's personality.


Where can they be done?

(Travel Fee Applies for Home Visits)

These beautiful casting can be done where you are most comfortable. We can come to your homes or you can have it done at our studio. We design your cast specifically to you and your family’s preference and taste of design.



Hand and Feet Molding- $80

Belly Cast Only- $150

Belly with Hand Placement- $275

Torso- $250

Full Top Halve with Arm Positioning- $360

Deposit for Belly Casting -$50


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