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Doula Testimonials

All families are unique in their own way whether it be a single parent ready to expand and love a new baby, or a loving couple surrounded by hundreds of loving people. We are here to be with you during this time, and honored to be apart of this special time with you and your family.

Real Life. Real Moments

Kaelyn was the calm and soothing influence that I needed while I prepared for the arrival of my little one and over the course of my birthing experience. From our first meeting she listened intently to what I wanted and needed, providing insight and options without pushing any particular method and without judgment. She provided encouragement and support at each step. Not surprisingly, my labor did not go according to plan, but Kaelyn provided the perspective and insight I needed as I evaluated my options. I deeply appreciate her soothing and encouraging manner during the process. She photographed special moments such as my first look at the baby and first meeting of the baby by my family. Even after my delivery, Kaelyn diligently checked in to see how I was doing and what I may need. Thank you, Kaelyn. You went the extra mile at every turn.

Momma M.

Kaelyn was my doula when my son was born in January 2015.  She was my primary and sole support person and I could not have asked for a better mentor and friend.  We met a few times before the birth to talk about my goals, my hopes and my fears.  I knew that I would likely choose an epidural but was hoping to be able to have a vaginal delivery.  Kaelyn never pushed me to choose between medicated or unmedicated, or made me feel like I was making a wrong choice.  When I went into labor, she came to my house and helped me labor until I wanted to go to the hospital, and then she drove me to UCD Med Center.  She stayed with me for almost all of the 40 hours I labored in the hospital, and she was my constant support, advocate, friend, mentor and coach.  I hope to have another baby in the future and Kaelyn will be one of the first people I call to make sure she can be my doula again.

-Kaelyn is easy to contact and always responsive.

-Kaelyn is utterly without judgment about any choices a mother makes and is unquestioningly supportive.  She is also a great advocate for women's voices and intuition while they are laboring and can maintain an excellent relationship with hospital staff, which allows for much easier communication.

-Kaelyn has the experience necessary to help a woman labor in any way they choose: unmedicated, medicated, vaginal delivery, c-section, and complicated deliveries.

I would recommend her without reservation to anyone.

Momma K.

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