Belly Binding, is it for you?

Hello again to everyone who would love to know more about belly binding!

Let me just jump right in. We here at Serene Relaxation have recently started offering the belly binding Services last year when we saw how much of a benefit it has on women in the postpartum period. 

The binding of the woman's abdomen and hips started in the olden days of Asia and other countries. Binding the woman's womb helped to close her body and energy off from the world after giving birth. (There is also a womb closing ritual that is done in the Mexican culture) It is said that with the mother being so open and vulnerable during the time of birth, closing the bones and the gap between pregnancy and motherhood is an important process that must be taken place in order for the mother to heal. There was usually a 30 to 40 day period where a mother and her baby were taken care of by woman in the villages. In this time the mother was only supposed to focus on feed g her baby and healing her own body. Food that was prepared was warm food and spices that encouraged the healing process of the body. While in this healing period binding was also done to encourage the mother's body to heal and close muscles that were stretched during pregnancy.

On the other hand there is also so many benefits with doing belly binding outside of the traditional closing of the mother's energies. The binding process varies form woman to woman and their needs but helps tone the uterus, tighten and tone the abdomen muscles and straighten posture to prevent New moms from slouching when feeding her new baby. In doing this process we usually like to bind before the mother goes to bed so that she is most comfortable when wearing the bind. This also goes back to what we were speaking of before about back in the olden days were New mother's were only allowed to rest and heal with baby. By doing so it prevents the bind from unraveling and shifting from daily activities. 

Binding can be really beneficial to any mother, from any type of birth, and almost any situations after birth for up to six months.  We help you learn and bind safely and effectively.  What do you say, do you think belly binding is for you? 

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