What is a Postpartum Doula

We first want to thank you all for joining us once again for one of our topics of discussion.

This week we want to talk to you all about what it is being a Postpartum Doula and how it differs from being a Birth and Labor Doula.

First i know most of you are thinking, Isn't being a Birth Doula along the same lines? In all honesty they kind of are! We strive to help the mother and family have the best experience and have all the information needed to birth and care for their baby while inside and outside the womb. While a birth doula is trained and skilled with the birthing process and how the body changes, a postpartum doula is skilled with taking care of the family and baby after the days of birth.

What a postpartum does widely ranges on what the family needs at the time that they hire their doula. While one week a mother might need the postpartum doula to care for the baby while she gets caught up on some well needed sleep, another week the family may need the postpartum doula to care for other children and also do some light house work. We can do it all!!

Being a postpartum doula, we are skilled in the care of a newborn and how their body changes after birth as well as the mothers changes after birth. Having a person in your home that has this knowledge is almost just as good as having your mother stay with you those hard couple weeks after birth. The extra hands that you have to get things done around the house while your baby is cluster feeding a couple of times a hour is imaginable! Picture getting out of the bed in the morning having no worries at all about what needs to be done, having those extra cuddles in bed with your baby, and not having to worry about the house being a complete disaster while you try to get into a rhythm with your new addition. We take care of all those needs for you and your family!

When you are new to being a mother and not having the support you may need at this time sometimes a postpartum doula may be the best choice to help guide you through these days. We have many mothers and even dads who need the extra support to help have their home run smoothly with a new baby involved. A postpartum doula may stay with a family for a short time until she is not needed or may stay for long periods and months after a baby is born. Also just one more of the perks about having a postpartum doula is the listening ear that you get about any subject that is bothering you at that particular moment and can help you find answers, rather it be referring you to a doctor or giving you some referrals to our friends.

One of the great things about having a postpartum doula is that the needed family may not even hire us for the family we have many people or close friends that would like to give a gift of a postpartum doula to their friends for a day or longer. The perks and benefits to having a postpartum doula is endless, and we encourage everyone to having a postpartum doula after every birth if possible.

Hire a postpartum doula today and RELAX!


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