Doula or No Doula

Have you thought about what a doula is or even hiring a Doula?

Doulas have been around for ages but have been seen around and used more readily now due to the major benefits doulas bring. What do they do, do you ask? Well I can tell you being a Doula myself. Doulas help decrease birth lengths by a whopping 20-30%, advocate for your birth, emotional support, and also we stay with you during the duration of your birthing process.

Having seen many births and the birthing processes that a mother and family go through, I have seen first-hand that doulas can be a great asset to any type of birth that there may be. From the family who does not want any interventions and stay at home as long as possible a doula might help her focus, clear her head and keep her distracted off the contractions that come to the mother who does not like the near thought of pain. A doula may use things such as walking, bouncing on a yoga ball and even just resting to help ease the mom from discomfort of contractions. There are many different scenarios that a mother might have going through labor because birth is unpredictable no matter how much you plan for your baby.

Some mothers may want to be in her comfy bed may be all that this momma needs to progress naturally and transfer to the hospital at a later time to birth. In this scenario a mom staying at home is the most comfortable option because they can labor in peace by themselves without the noisiness and procedures of the hospitals and transfer to the place of birth whenever they are ready.

In other scenarios there may be a different plan and a mother might not like the thought of pain and may wasn’t to labor in the hospital. In this scenario a mother may want to labor in the hospital but that doesn’t mean that she automatically opts out of a safe natural or medicated vaginal birth. A doula may do the same exact things to help support this mom in the same way with emotional support, physical support and a wealth of information in the things that they might not understand like hospital procedures.

But let’s get back to what doulas do and why they are important. Have you ever experienced a birth by yourself if you had a previous birth? Or been with someone going through this alone? It’s a scary process, there are lots of doctors that meet with you and explain things that you might know nothing about and sometime even pressure you into a procedure you are not comfortable with but get them by the recommendation of the doctors with no true explanation of why you need them. With a doula the tables turn completely, and you are fully supported and not left in a room for hours as your labor progresses. You are explained the procedures that are suggested and why they are suggesting them, given alternative options and last but not least a doula asks YOU if you have any questions and are fully aware of everything. We support you and your decisions at any costs.

"If a Doula were a drug it would be unethical not to use it" - John H. Kennell, M.D.

A doula can see the positive and negatives to all births we support your decisions on how you envision your birth and help you stick to your birth plan no matter what my come up in the process.

So why not use and hire a doula, you are hiring someone who has seen and been through the birthing process many times before. You also have someone that can advocate for you as well as show your husband what to do when his nerves get the best of him. A doula is the best thing a family can have during this special time of your lives so that you can have your birth that you desire. Have you searched for your doula for your next birth yet?

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