Why Infant Massage??

One of the most common questions that our therapists gets asked when we tell them we massage infants and adults is the famous question, "Why do Infants Need Massage?" Our answer to that is this; Infants are people as well and have aches and pains just like we do.

Before a baby is born a baby goes through a growth cycle inside the womb which is the foundation to their being. They spend nine months in a womb, a comfortable water field sac at the perfect temperature to be expelled in a world that is not familiar. In doing so it brings the baby into a state of shock and some babies may even shut down with the excitement.

With born being hard on the mother, it is also a hard time for the baby coming down the birth canal. The baby is being squeezed into a tight place and contorted in ways that they are not used to. In doing so and being born in different ways (Hospital or home) the baby may be pulled out of the canal and stretched in ways that may stretch ligaments and muscles in the babys body resulting pain and discomfort.

When we start massages with infants we give them the up most respect when we get them in our office. Asking permission is the first chance we give them in having control over their body and their emotions. In doing this we give them the chance to tell us if they are ready and willing to have a massage at that time. We look over how their personal birth experience was at the time, how they nurse, and body mechanics. Given this information we provide our little clients with a personalized session to help ease pains and discomforts in their bodies.

Massaging an infant right after birth, rather it is a day, week, or months can benefit them greatly. By providing personalized session with your baby we allow them to be themselves rather they like to play, tell us about their day or gaze at us with amazement in their eyes. We allow them to open up and receive treatment the way they want to. Massage for infants can help with many growing discomforts, gas and colic, abdominal pains, sooth teething pains, sleeping issues and increase their appetite. (I mean who doesn’t get hungry after a good massage, am I right?) With all these benefits we wonder why it has been widely recognized in our society. Infant massage can be approved to babies in personalized therapy studios, in home settings, class settings, or even NICU and hospital settings. There is a wide range of possibility for infant massage and the babies who will benefit from it.

Hopefully with the new information that we have gushed out to our audience we shined a light on how awesome and rewarding infant massage can be for even the smallest clients.

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