Have any of you ever thought to yourself what peace is? How do I obtain it? Or this is a popular one... How can I be at peace?

Many chase after the idea of peace when ultimately peace is what you make of it. Peace is being continent, humble...being still and in the moment.

The topic came to me today when I was asked "How is your studio so peaceful every time I’m here. Even the dog (oh Yes we have a Therapy dog named Pops) is so peaceful when I come in." I answered "Thank you. My studio is so peaceful because my heart is at peace with my contentment with the things that surround me"

Let me ask you this. When was the last time you just took the day off of everything and focused on the moment, your breath, and just sat and be still? Being still may help you realize the things that you would never see or even think about in your busy schedule. It may do things like help you think about your next goal to reach, or how to solve that problem in math class that you’ve been stuck on for the past week.

Meditation is a great way to do this as well. It helps clear your mind from thoughts, distractions, worry and stress. Getting your mind off your schedule book at least once a week is beneficial to our well-being and gets us back to that place of self-healing. Taking the time out to do this at least once a week will also energize you and help you to be more focused on the tasks ahead. Who wouldn’t want to do this for the many benefits just in one sitting! It’s Exciting!

Sit, Meditate and be open to the things around you...I promise you’ll love the feeling.

Serene Relaxation

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