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Finally getting a chance to write and gush about the amazing birth and massage world I am in is such a big sigh of relief!

Thank you so much for those who will read this in advance for joining our new blog! You are greatly appreciated in helping Serene Relaxation grow and be a better company for our customers! Where do we start? First I want to give you all a slight background on what and who Serene Relaxation is.

Serene Relaxation was "created" by a local massage therapist by the name of Kaelyn Crenshaw. I put created in quotes due to the fact that she really doesn't like to refer to it as much, she refers to it as helping her community be better as a community with services that best suit them, her customers.

Kaelyn started with a small dream to open her doors of a small business in 2013, just as a passion of hers, little did she know that God was going to give her ten fold of what she asked for. Starting with a little one room massage room in a warehouse building Kaelyn built her dream job as a massage therapist, infant massage therapist, doula services (birth, labor and postpartum) and Lactation Education for her community. (Try explaining all of that in one introduction lol)

In allowing to give all her energy during her massage sessions she uses her time with her customers to find the roots to the issue that is giving them trouble and helps resolve, relax, and ease pain and tension through massage. With infant massages she loves to see and play with young individuals. By allowing them to express themselves fully at her studio, her play time with them is purely beneficial. As she massages and releases their tension, she is giving them a chance to speak their mind, talk to her about her day and express themselves about their daily troubles, and relaxing them with massage as they release all tension and negatively into her safe atmosphere.

Now doula work is a completely different topic in itself, I can go on for days with information about this. Because Kaelyn a full spectrum doula, she sees and helps with every aspect of different births different situations and different for experiences. She helps and guides parents, partners and mothers to to have the birthing experience they will remember for a lifetime. Whether it be meeting over child for the first time for the moments ahead or meeting their child for the first and last time. Either way she is devoted to the family to make this time specials special ment that they will never forget. Postpartum work is such a needed and important service to her clients because even though labor and birth is hard on both the mother and partner it is also a different and trying time fire the family as a unit. They are all trying to meet and get to know their new addition as well as getting to that place of acceptance and understanding of their new roles as a being. It helps to have that extra person during is time to step in the gap and give them extra hands and help with the small things like cleaning, or shopping so they can continue bonding and not be worried about those small things.

Kaelyn is so happy everyday to serve the people that she sees daily because she knows that what she has to offer can only benefit and help her community in the best wag possible. So with all that being said Serene Relaxation only strives to help the individual (sometimes pair, mom and baby, or family) be better as a person and their situation to promote healing, relaxation and guidance. Hope to see you all soon!

Serene Relaxation

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