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Our Philosophy


We Believe...

  • Birth is a natural process and should be handled as flexible as each birth.

  • Our clients have the right to be informed and have active participants in the birth process.

  • A mother and her partner deserves to have emotional, physical and informational support prenatally, during labor and through the postpartum and lactation period.

We Strive...

  • To empower women and partners to have a positive birth experience.

  • To listen to the needs of my clients and develop birth plans accordingly.

We Work....

  • With the partners so they can support a laboring mother effectively.

  • With the laboring mother to find ways to help labor progress comfortably and with their birth plan in mind.

We Bring...

  • Extensive experience, especially in the area of medically complicated births, including multiples, surrogacy and adoption.

  • A calming, direct and easy going presence to the birth room.

  • A special passion for working with mamas who have dealt with infertility, Same sex couples or sexual assault. 

  • A wealth of local resources and information to all my clients.