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Lactation Support

Helping Women and Family’s Feed Their Baby’s Appropriately and Successfully.
What is a Breastfeeding Educator?


Breastfeeding Educators are able to help women and families support breastfeeding, bottle feeding and child nutrition questions and concerns. Consultants help educate patients in how to accurately feed their babies, offering tips during the first feedings. They also help mothers in the transitions of going back to work by teaching them how to maintain milk supplies and even how and when to start solids. These professionals may work with you at community groups, women´s organizations, hospitals, and birthing centers.
Lactation Support Sessions:
Follow up Sessions: (30mins) $30
Lactation Consults: (60mins) $50
Detailed Lactation Consults: (90mins) $70
Zoom Consultations: (30-90mins) $30-$70
In Home Support Sessions: (30-90mins) $30-$70 Travel fee $20


Offering Support in:

Starting Out Successfully

Lactation after Loss

Breast Feeding / Feeding Difficulties

Breast Pump and Breastmilk Storage

Breastfeeding the Premature Infant

Feeding Multiples

Alternative Feeding Methods
Low or Slow Weight Gain
Starting Solids

We are Virtual with our Lactation Clients!

When To Call for Help:


Baby is jaundiced (yellowish in color)

Refuses to latch-on

Is not gaining weight quickly (1/2 – 1 oz per day)

Is gaining weight too quickly (more than 1 ½ oz per day)

Cries a lot and is fussy

Feeds “all of the time”

Is premature or a “late preterm” baby

Spits up “a lot”


If Mother Is:

Have flat or inverted nipples

Have sore nipples

Breasts engorged

Are ill or need to have surgery

Have a low milk supply

Are returning to work

Experience mastitis (breast infection)

Wish to breastfeed an adopted baby

Experiencing stress around feedings

Need to take medications

Need advice about selecting an appropriate breast pump

Are receiving conflicting advice or discouragement to breastfeed

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