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Frequently Asked Questions


1. You have a brand new baby and are having trouble with feedings and getting back to your normal routines with baby, Right?
-For this reason, we see mothers and babies in their own home.  A travel fee will apply. But it is worth the comfort.

2. Do you have an office location?
-Yes!  You can get an appointment faster by coming to our studio.  We are located at 2000 S St., Suite 4, Sacramento CA, 95811.  You will also save money by avoiding the travel fee.     

3. I live in Roseville/Folsom/Auburn/Elk Grove. Will you still do a home visit?
-Yes! A travel fee will apply based on your address, but we still can come to you.

4. I had problems breastfeeding my first child. Is there a way to make it work this time around?
 -Yes! Email us to schedule a prenatal consult. We can explore your previous experience to pinpoint what went wrong and why. Many breastfeeding issues stem from circumstances surrounding birth and the early postpartum period, and many could have been avoided. Also usually every baby and experience is different with breastfeeding.

5. Did you take a breastfeeding class, and see a lactation consultant in the hospital but baby is still not latching on right?
-Sometimes babies are not ready to feed well before you are discharged from the hospital.  We can help you and your baby get back to your instincts and bond again to achieve relaxed, easy feedings, day after day.

6. My baby acts hungry all the time. What if I don't have enough milk?
-Schedule a appointment with our online scheduling system. We can help!

7. Help! It hurts!
-Schedule a appointment with our online scheduling system or give us a call

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